Azione/Action is based on the idea of a leporello book.
The images are drawn with graphite, crayon and watercolour on kraft papers.
The title of each image has been added by hand in white crayon.
For the London session of the AARGH!! project (art against radicalism & genocide & for human rights), I reflected on the positive or negative value of human actions.
I inserted this reflection into a story without a plot.
In this story there are two main actors:
the human dimension in which radicalized individuals could be absorbed, and the protests as an action expressing disapproval of – or objection to – something.
After the London bombings in July 2005 “radicalization” became a recurring word. The “home-grown” terrorism has become a specter in the western world. The terrorists can activate a negative social change and influence the context around them to adhere to their views.
I saw the desire of changing, in the positive way, in the protests that characterized the history of East London that I got to know during the experience of the AARGH project. I was inspired by several photos that portray the community in peaceful actions, for example protesting against racism. At the same time, I thought about the way contemporary societies are less and less physically and emotionally involved in protests due to the digitalisation of daily life.
What is a positive and what is a negative value?
The juxtaposition of words and images in the reassuring form of a book, as well as the use of drawing as a form of thinking, trace some connections but not necessarily clear answers.

AARGH!! was funded by Erasmus Plus
funding provided by UK National Agency and facilitated by Rejuvenate U.K LTD – Partners: Siena Art Institute, Today Art Initiative, Student Youth Council

Thanks to:
Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives