Entre chien et loup


Our general perception of reality is made of multiple fragmental visions. In my artistic research, I always work with many sequences that are like frozen frames on reality, especially on human attitudes and expressions. During my residence at the Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc, in the countryside of Corseul, I tried to use the same method but focusing on environment.

During my residence in Brittany, I’ve experienced many things for the first times. I saw the darkness and I heard the silence. This changed my perception of distances, my relationship with time and my relationships with people. It made me aware of life on Earth.
In this context, I made a personal iconographic research. I wanted to imagine a Grand Tour of daily life. I would like to offer a constellation of works that describe my relationship with the environment day by day. I always work on different elements at the same time, in parallel.
Time plays a key role. In my works, time is represented by a series of pictures that lay in the same surface. It is also represented by assembling different drawings or paintings. In other works, I used combinations of images to reflect on the formal and bright structure of the landscape. Here the chronological order doesn’t count. The aim is to understand and work from the composition of a landscape. I registered these daily experiences by ink, watercolors, acrylic paint and also oil paint. Very far from what is real world for me, I created suggestive images. Present time atmospheres that are already perceived as memories.