In resistenza alla forza di gravità


People’s mood is essential because it influences their perception of being alive. The mood determines the continued transformation of body. In this perspective, I’m not interested to represent faces or bodies, but to fix in observator’s mind, some expression.
In the project In resistenza alla forza di gravità (In resistence to gravity force) I work on a series of light sculptures, of small size, related proportionally to the size of a hand. Their handiness give a comparison direct and intimate. The subject is the figure, as a form either a laying. I look for figures that hint to open, raising her off the ground arts. It is not underlined neither sex, nor ethnicity, nor age.
The non-finito, that characterized all the production, interprets the changing nature of the human condition. I work through memory, using different materials: wax, chalck, papier mache etc.. In particular I prefer wax, because is a sensible material, shamed by heat, that transmits energy, thanks to its natural origin. There are many references to Medardo Rosso e Degas. In this context, I draw to reflect, at later time, on what I have achieved with sculpture.

From millenia the human being is the protagonist of artistic research; despite this, in our time, contaminated by tecnology, the multiple facets such a great research continues to attract me hopelessly.